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Every day, another person in Nemesia Park, Greystanes experiences the incredible feeling of looking into the mirror and seeing their dream body staring back at them. This is what we have mastered at Power Girl Fit Camp. Are you tired of wasting your valuable time and hard earned money at the gym, taking fat loss pills, or the latest and greatest fat loss gizmos that simply aren’t giving you permanent results, if any? Then read on to find out how you can burn off those last 5-10 stubborn kilos of body fat with our Greystanes Bootcamp.


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From Manny Laris

Power Girl Fit Camp

Greystanes, Sydney

9:15 AM

Dear Greystanes Residents,


Hi, I’m Manny of the Greystanes Boot Camp. For many years, I have helped local residents transform their bodies and their lives without wasting their money on fad diets, fat loss pills, or anything that may put their health at risk.

The reason behind the rapid success rate is how our Boot Camps are designed. We only use scientifically proven methods to boost your metabolism, and give you longer lasting results. Each class involves a combination of resistance training, cardio and core work, designed to give our girls maximum results in the shortest time possible in a fun and friendly environment. This is why so many Greystanes residents actually look forward to their bootcamp sessions.

Here’s what you can expect from our cutting edge, women’s only Greystanes Boot Camp;

  • Exciting and varied workouts on a weekly basis. This will keep your motivation levels high which leaders to faster and better results!
  • Unlimited nutrition and fitness coaching with me. You’ll have access to me and my trainers not only during the sessions but after, so you know we are going to support you every step of the way. You can ask me anything you want, and I’ll email you back as fast as humanly possible
  • I’ll show you how to eat right for fat loss, without starving yourself, counting calories and still enjoying the foods you like!
  • You’ll also receive our $300 Skinny Jeans Bonus after you have graduated from our Fit For Life Program.



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“Developed a Healthy Diet & Exercise Plan That Helped Me Lose 38Kg!”

Working with Mannny is the best thing I have ever done for my health! As I had previously been battling with my weight most of my adult life, that’s until I met Manny. Together we developed a healhty diet & exercise plan that helped me lose 38kg & more that I am still following with ease 12 months on.

And I owe it all to him for his knowledge & enthusiasm as I personally could not have achieved my goalds today without his support. I am now more mentally & physically stronger than I’ve been.

My confidence has soarred & every aspect of my life has changed for the better, for me this is just the beginning!

emma Greystanes Bootcamp


“My Self-Confidence Has Soared… Feel And Look So Much Healthier And Strong Than Ever Before”

Before I met Manny, I felt very unmotivated and unhealthy. I had difficulty finding the right type of solution to help me keep motivated and keep fit. My unhealthy eating habits were causing me to be very fatigued and left me with very little energy throughout the day.

As a full time worker and studying part time, I was constantly on the run and, therefore, always had an excuse for not being active or eating healthy. I didnt think anyone could help me change my eating habits and make it seem so effortless to keep eating healthy.

My body began changing within weeks! I have only been doing this program for 2 months and I have seen a complete transformation in my overall wellbeing and physique. My self-confidence has soared and I actually feel and look so much healthier and stronger than ever before.

shelley Greystanes Bootcamp


“I successfully lost 10kg with Manny’s Program”

Before joining Manny’s bootcamp, I found that I had become unmotivated, bored, and unable to maintain high energy levels for work or sporting activities.

My body image began to suffer and so did my confidence. I joined Manny’s bootcamp with the belief that with his support and training ’I can’ accomplish a healthy lifestyle with weight-loss, improved strength and stamina and most importantly get my confidence back.

I successfully lost 10kg with Manny’s program and now, i have maintained a healthy eating plan, improved focus and energy and enjoy fitness routines designed by manny to ensure a happy, healthy lifestyle

jackie2 Greystanes Bootcamp


Jackie N.
“I’ve lost 12kg of body fat and kept it off!”

Before meeting Manny, I was depressed, overweight and unmotivated. I decided to join the gym and do it on my own but a year went by and I still looked the same. It was so frustrating because no matter how much effort I put in, the scales wouldn’t budge. I lost motivation, and stopped working out.

I was finally fed up with not seeing results and signed up for Manny’s fitness program. That decision changed my life!

I began to see results almost immediately. Within weeks my fitness improved, my waist got smaller and tighter, my arms and legs got firmer and my energy levels went through the roof.

I love all the compliments I get from my friends now and I don’t feel embarrassed when I go shopping anymore.

I’ve lost 12kg of body fat and kept it off!

Thank you Manny!


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Power Girl Fit Camp is great for women of all fitness levels. The sooner you get on board, the sooner you will be carving your dream body.

I want to help you burn fat, and tone up faster than you ever thought possible! Try my Greystanes Boot Camp out for one week totally free with no risk or obligations.

Or sign up today and lose 6 kilos of body fat in only 5 weeks or less. Remember we guarantee results or your money back. But you need to be quick as spaces are limited.




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Or just call on 1800 989 101 to lean more!

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